White Collar Theme Song

wc_1Still going strong, this show.

See, the problem with this theme is people think it came from some song. Let me disappoint you this early on and say that it did not, and that there is no obscure song from which they took the excerpt from. Sorry. People who know the Australian rock scene might even argue or think that it came from a Jet song.

It does sound like something Jet would come up with. By the way, there have already been a number of different openings in the series’ 4-season run. I’ll be bold here and say that the original tunes used as backgrounds for the short openings were made by the show’s composer Jon Ehrlich. Mr. Ehrlich is known in television circles and has composed for the shows Parenthood and Party of Five among others.

Let’s start by watching two of the the real opening credits; the first one below being from the second episode of the third season, according to the one who uploaded the video.

We thank thee, YouTube user TheBurningBeast, for uploading three other (early) versions of the tunes used with each opening credit change.




If you are interested further in some of the songs used during some of the shows (commercial, non-original), this wiki has a partial list. That’s it for now.

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