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Cool, cool show. I think it kinda fell apart when… (no spoilers here).

The theme songs for The Unit are some more Robert Duncan creations. The first version, used in the first and second season, is called “Fired Up”. It is an adaptation of a standard Marine Corps cadence called “Fired Up, Feels Good”.

Below are the intro sequences using “Fired Up”. The audio quality is quite poor so please bear with me.

These are the words they chant: “fired up”, “feels good”, “sounds good”, “forty-seven”, “here we go” and “on the road”.

Below is the original Marine Corps version.

Now from season three onwards, they changed the theme to something still cool, but not cooler than the first one (personal opinion, alright?). Mr. Duncan composed it as well. It is called “Walk the Fire”.

These are the versions of the opening sequence using “Walk the Fire”.

Below are the lyrics.

The Unit theme song lyrics

Give me your secrets
Bring me a sign
Give me a reason
To walk the fire
See another dawn
Through our daughters eyes
You give me a reason
To walk the fire

Below is a long version of the song. I do not know if its official or fan-created.

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