The Time Traveler’s Wife Theme Song

Let’s do movies for a change

Movies are tricky, not unless of course you’re thinking of something like Titanic, in which only Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” comes to mind.

In The Time Traveler’s Wife (which I just watched last night), I came across two songs which could be given “theme song” status. I checked out the official soundtrack, and lo and behold, “Broken” by Lifehouse, originally from the album Who We Are, comes at the very last of the disc. I also found out that a second music video was made especially for the promotion of the film.

Special “Broken” video for The Time Traveler’s Wife

The second song which we can consider is the one at the very last scene—the one where the movie transitions from the last meadow scene to the end credits. By the way, all original music for The Time Traveler’s Wife was done by Canadian composer, Mychael Danna. The song is not that distinct though, and I doubt that it will beat “Broken” for theme song status. Anyway, below is the said tune.

By the way, Rachel McAdams rules all.

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