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Talking (and researching) about Moesha will obviously lead to its spin-offโ€”The Parkers. The also UPN-aired show was centered on mother-daughter team Nikki and Kim Parker, played by actress Mo’Nique and Countess Vaughn respectively.

Being as there is another R&B singer in this show’s midst, it again makes sense to let the lead sing and perform the theme song. The song was by Countess Vaughn, but she splits the rights with composer Rodney Jerkins.

Just like Moesha this show has not reached the DVDs yet, so a soundtrack is definitely out of order.

However, thanks once again to YouTube and all the retro-loving people who rip and upload the opening sequences of cool shows.

Below are two unique versions of the opening sequence featuring the Countess Vaughn theme song.

The Parkers theme song lyrics

We’re the Parkers
We do anything that’s new come and join us
We’re the Parkers
We do anything that’s new come and join us

You know what, I’m sorry but the second line is just a wild guess. I just can’t seem to figure it out. Hit the comments if you know the right lyrics. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “The Parkers Theme Song”

  1. “It’s the parkers
    We’re doin’ our thing
    It’s a new type of swing
    Come and join us
    In the parkers”

    I know i’m right bitches ๐Ÿ™‚

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