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This used to be cool.

The theme song for The O.C. is obviously entitled “California.” It was written and performed by Phantom Planet, an alternative rock band from Southern California. Phantom Planet is perhaps best known for that song, but they also made waves as that group which featured actor Jason Schwartzman on drums.

“California” originally came from Phantom Planet’s 2002 album, The Guest. It was also part of the original soundtrack of the film Orange County, and from Music from The O.C.: Mix 1.

In 2005, Phantom Planet rerecorded a mellower version of the original song and called it “California 2005.” It is part of Music From The O.C.: Mix 5.

In all, there are 6 official soundtrack releases for The O.C.: Music From The O.C. Mix 1 through 6.

The O.C. theme song lyrics

California here we come
Right back where we started from

Here we come

Watch & listen (opening credits for seasons 1 to 4)


Back when I still watched this show, yes, I did, the end credits’ song caught my attention more. Below is the said song. I believe this song was an original bit made for the show, and was probably composed by Christopher Tyng—original music composer for The O.C.

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