The Mole Theme Song


The Mole reality show lasted until 2008 but its theme song almost won the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. By the way, as this show is an international franchise, the theme song in question is for the U.S. version, the one aired by ABC.

The nearly-award-winning theme song was composed by David Michael Frank, a known film and television composer who has been nominated four times already for an Emmy. However, for me, he is the composer with three first names.

The theme song is only referred to generically as “The Mole Theme” or something to that extent. It is available commercially as part of the official soundtrack of the series. The soundtrack, by the way, contains songs all composed by Mr. Frank.

Below is a music-only video of the theme song.

Below is an official opening sequence lifted (I think) from season 1.

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