The Life & Times of Tim Theme Song

This next theme is yet another HBO series, but an animated one at that. The Life & Times of Tim seems to be making a lot of waves in its short life span. Late last year HBO almost canceled the series only to revert its original decision, so now everyone is currently awaiting the premiere of the third season.

The title theme for the show, as the lyrics suggest, is entitled “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.” The song dates back nearly 60 years; it was released in 1952 as a Hank Williams song. Hanks Williams, if you do not know, is one of the most important and influential American country artists ever. He lived a short life—29 years—and died a tragic and mysterious death which has since been widely accepted as from a heart attack.

Now, “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” also happens to be the very last single released in his name. In fact, it reached #1 in the charts a couple of days after he died. The song was composed by Fred Rose—a known songwriter—who then died a year after the song was released (1954). Creepy.

Below is the full version of the song.

Now, we all know the song is used in both the intro and the end titles. Below showcases the intro and the end, so we’ll make do with it for now.

The Life & Times of Tim theme song lyrics

These are just some of the verses used in the show.

Now you’re lookin’ at a man that’s gettin’ kind-a mad
I had lot’s of luck but it’s all been bad
No matter how I struggle and strive
I’ll never get out of this world a-live.

My fishin’ pole’s broke the creek is full of sand
My woman run away with another man
No matter how I struggle and strive
I’ll never get out of this world alive.

I believe these are the next ones are used in the end credits.

These shabby shoes I’m wearin’ all the time
Are full of holes and nails
And brother if I stepped on a worn out dime
I bet a nickel I could tell you if it was heads or tails

I’m not gonna worry wrinkles in my brow
‘Cause nothin’s ever gonna be alright nohow
No matter how I struggle and strive
I’ll never get out of this world alive

One thought on “The Life & Times of Tim Theme Song”

  1. missing at least one stanza (second, I think):

    A distant uncle passed away,
    and left me quite a batch.
    And I was livin’ high until the fatal day
    A lawyer proved I wasn’t born’d, I was only hatched.

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