The Flying House Theme Song

Obviously, inspiration for this post came from the keyword “flying” (from previous post), but I really know this anime series from my childhood.

The Flying House, full title Time Classroom, Adventures of The Flying House, is a christian-themed cartoon series which is centered in a time-travelling “flying house” that goes back in time to events in the Bible’s New Testament. Cast consists of three kids—Justin, Angie and Corkey, a professor named Bumble and a robot named SIR, the latter two being the inventors of the house.

The series is an anime (Japanese), it was released and dubbed in English, and was distributed by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The only piece of information about the theme song I got was for the original Japanese song which is entitled “A Large Adventure of a Tondera House” by Fusako Fujimoto. So for now, let’s just enjoy the lyrics.

The Flying House theme song lyrics

We were having fun, playing hide and seek, when a summer storm appeared
Corkey got afraid, when it started to rain
Then we came upon a house, should we go inside and hide

Come on and go with us, Lord who knows where
It’s so fun to fly through time in the flying house
Oh, it’s great to fly in the flying house
I just want to get back home again

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