The Fairly OddParents Theme Song

the-fairly-oddparentsYes, I have a kid now, and these are the shows that are always on rotation on the tube—24/7!

Which is why I have a lot of kiddie shows in my theme songs-to-blog list, and this is definitely on top. Why? Because aside from being one of the catchiest, it is one that is very well thought of.

Unfortunately, the scope of this post does not go beyond who the actual performers were, just the composers and some trivia. Of course, there are parts in the song that are obviously Vicky, the fairies, and Timmy, but the male and female voices behind the verses, we are not sure. Some argue that they are most definitely cast members—makes sense, but then again, no proof.

The theme song is officially entitled “The Fairly OddParents” and is credited to the show’s creator Butch Hartman, and a known American composer named Ron Jones who has written music for American Dad! and Family Guy among others.

The song was officially released as part of “The Newest Nicktoons” album, but for some strange reason they did not include the character dialogues in it. Also circulating is the unofficial commercial cover by The Hit Crew, found on some television theme compilations and as a single song download.

Now, on to the videos.

First, a clear copy of the full song:

Next, one of the few remaining (due to copyright) half-decent clips of the whole opening:

Next, the instrumental version used in the end credits.

Below, the theme version used in the movie Abra-Catastrophe!, which they aptly entitled “Fairly Odd Primates”

There’s another version used in the Jimmy Neutron-FOP mash-up—a medley of the two themes—which we still have not found.

And now, the as-important lyrics:

The Fairly OddParents theme song lyrics

Timmy is an average kid that no one understands
Mom and dad and Vicky always giving him commands
Vicky: Bed, Twerp!
The doom and gloom up in his room
Is broken instantly
By his magic little fish
Who grant his every wish
‘Cause in reality they are his…

OddParents, Fairly OddParents!
Wanda: Wands and wings!
Cosmo: Floaty crowny things!
OddParents, Fairly OddParents!
Really mod, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod!
Timmy: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice!
Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!

OddParents, Fairy OddParents!
It flips your lid
When you are the kid
With Fairly OddParents!
Vicky: Yeah right!

Epic post; it’s been a while.

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  1. these theme songs are hard, if not impossible, to read. I’m interested in Mask Crusaders, SilverHawks, and Fairly Odd Parents, but I can’t read all of each.

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