The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Theme Song

Here we go. The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was a 65-episode animated series that was first shown in 1986. First, let’s relive the theme and the classic opening sequence.

Here’s the narration:

In 2086, two peaceful aliens journey to Earth seeking our help. In return, they gave us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. We have assembled a team of unique individuals to protect Earth and our allies. Courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice and dedicated to preserving law and order across the new frontier. These are the adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.

Narrator is still unknown, sorry, so hit the comments if you have information.

But, here’s the good part—the theme song has a full version. The song is actually entitled “No Guts No Glory”. It was included in The Collection Volume 1 DVD. Someone extracted it and uploaded the video.

Unfortunately, I do not own the DVD so I don’t know who the performers were (nor if it were stated in the DVD). But, I know for a fact that all original music for the series is credited to Peter Wetzler. There’s a good chance he wrote this song.

Finally, the lyrics.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers theme song lyrics

Somewhere in the future
Far away from here
Trouble is waiting
On the last frontier

Into these worlds of unknown danger they ride
They’re the galaxy rangers
Heroes in the sky

No guts, no glory
No pain, no gain
One for all, all for one
Riders on the range

No guts no glory
We’re taking a stand
Ready to prove it again

There you go.

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