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I can’t believe this skipped my mind; I used to love this show, and I loved the theme song as well.

The theme song for The 4400 is catchy, and quite appropriate for the plot of the show. The lyrics says it all (see below), and it also makes the title quite obvious. The theme is entitled “A Place in Time.” It was performed by Amanda Abizaid, an American Lebanese singer-songwriter, along with Bosshouse (Some official media lists it as “Bosshouse feat. Amanda Abizaid”). Nothing is officially written as to who really composed the song, but I’m guessing it’s a collaboration (between the two).

The 4400: Music From the Television Series, an official soundtrack for the series, was released in 2007 under Milan Records.

The 4400 theme song lyrics

So long ago, another life
I could feel your heart beat
It’s not a dream, remember us
I can see it in your eyes

We’ll find a place in time
A place in time beyond the sun

We’ll find a place in time
A place in time to call our home

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2 thoughts on “The 4400 Theme Song”

  1. It would have been nice if they had done a full length song out of this, the sample bit they used for the show and the soundtrack was awesome and showed that whoever wrote it had more than enough talent to complete it. Sad they never did, I don’t consider a song complete if it’s not long enough to even enjoy a cigarette to.

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