Grounded for Life Theme Song


Seriously though, I think this show was quite, alright. Back then (in an Asian cable channel), it filled the void between Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends. And, my favorite character would be one of the kids—Jimmy Finnerty—played by Griffin Frazen. I wonder where he is now.

The theme song is this short, guitar-driven tune. It is also regularly used as the background music or between scenes. I do not think it is an excerpt from a complete song, nor is it called anything. Just made for the show. I do know it was performed by the band Ween—an American band composed of the Ween brothers, Dean and Gene. I think they’re quite popular, they have been around since 1984, but I do not know for which songs. Must be an American underground pop thing.

Here is the song in a real episode. Sorry it’s un-embeddable. Just click the link and forward on to 1:16.

Below is the song set to a fan-made (and cheesy) background.