Scrubs Theme Song

Now we can make a detailed and finished post for Scrubs, now that it’s over.

The theme song that we have all come to love, as most probably already know, is officially entitled “Superman.” It is by Lazlo Bane, a band based in Santa Monica, California. Credited for writing the tune are the members of the band plus a certain Pondy Doorcan (person or band, I do not know). The song is part of their second studio album, All the Time in the World, released in September 2002.

It is also widely known that actor Zach Braff, who stars as John Michael “J.D.” Dorian, suggested the song to creator and producer Bill Lawrence as the theme. In line with that (and I guess the band owes it to him), Zach ended up directing the music video for “Superman.” The video shows footage from Scrubs. Watch below and notice how slow the real version is.

The song was also included in the first of three official soundtracks released by the franchise.

We all know there were some major changes in the theme and title sequence in season nine, when the show moved to ABC. The song is obviously still “Superman” but this time it is a cover version by the solo artist WAZ. I still don’t know where (album) he included this version but anyway, below is the complete version.

As for the title sequence, well, a lot of interesting things also happened in the nine-season run. Hardcore fans would know about how the chest X-ray has always been backwards, which was unintentional, but went on to signify how the interns were inexperienced. In one episode, the character Dr. Kim Briggs makes an appearance in the title sequence and says, “That’s backwards; it’s been bugging me for years.” Anyway, you can read everything about the sequence on Wikipedia.

Even cooler is how some YouTube fella combined all the unique titles in one video (you can also see the backwards skit in it). Watch below.

By the way, here’s the part of the lyrics used in the opening.

Scrubs theme song lyrics

I can’t do this all on my own
(I know, that I’m no Superman)
[No I know, I’m no Superman]
I’m no Superman

(long version)
[short version]

Finally, as all of the videos above are of poor quality, let’s end with an HD version of the classic title.

Cougar Town Theme Song


Cougar Town has been picked up for a second season, yeah!

Like I’ve always said, Joey, The Comeback, Dirt, and eventually, Cougar Town can and will only be 1/6th as funny as Friends—but it goes without saying, that in itself, is “something.”

The theme song for Cougar Town is an original composition. It was created by this dude called “WAZ,” yes, just “WAZ,” along with a production team—Golden-Sgro. Show creator Bill Lawrence was quoted as saying, “As a show composer WAZ brings something incredibly special. He has the ability to make score music sound current, like it was just lifted off the radio, and yet, it still services the show perfectly….” WAZ also creates original music for the series.

Cougar Town‘s opening sequence features a map of Florida showing Sarasota County in Florida.

Watch & listen