Arrow Theme Song


arrow posterArrow is a girl’s show. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but it does appeal to a lot of women. Why? Because of all the muscles. I mean, seriously, Stephen Amell, that’s some serious meat you’re packing. Jesus. (So ladies, the photo on the left is a tribute to you.)

Even Diggle (David Ramsey) looks like he sleeps in a gym or something.

Anyway, (spit), on to the theme song. Let’s put it this way—the show has good music, no question about that, but it is not definable by its theme. In fact, after the pilot (I think), the succeeding episodes were left with a nowadays-trend of a 10-second theme. Just a quick logo flash and a short tune.

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Reaper Theme Song

2007–2009; this is for the television series, as I understand there is a lesser-known movie of the same name

Alright, since I don’t have much time, I’ll just post on something non-research intensive.

Reaper is one of those shows that have 10-second intros; most probably because it existed in a time when such was all the rage (it sucks, I know). I have to say though, the 10 seconds the title sequence people were given is time well spent. The video sequence is clever, and the music is defined and catchy.

Original music is credited to David Schwartz and Charles Pollard. My best guess is that Mr. Schwartz composed the short title tune. His music is credited for 31 episodes—exact same number of episodes in the show’s run. He also has an impressive resume, namely (the themes from): Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Northern Exposure.

Now, let’s relive the canceled series with the memorable opening and theme song below.

7th Heaven Theme Song


Ah, Jessica Biel.

This is a very iconic theme song that should have been here eons ago, but well, this is a random blog and I can only do so much at a time.

Anyway, talking about its theme song, two names come two mind. Composer Dan Foliart and singer Steve Plunkett. Most only credit Mr. Plunkett for the song but I have enough reason to believe Mr. Foliart composed it.

Steve Plunkett is of the defunct American band Autograph. I think they were big in the glam metal era.

I have found but one official soundtrack for the series. It is labeled “music that inspired the hit television show.” It does have the theme, credited as “7th Heaven (Main Title Theme)”, but it only lasts 0:58 so I guess there is no extended/full version of it.

Below is the opening theme and credits taken from season 8.

I think all 7th Heaven YouTube clips have embedding disabled so just click above to watch on YouTube.

7th Heaven theme song lyrics

7th Heaven
When I see their happy faces smilin’ back at me
7th Heaven
I know there is no greater feelin’ than the love of a family
Where can you go when the world don’t treat you right?
The answer is home, that’s the one place that you’ll find
7th Heaven
Mmmmmm 7th Heaven
7th Heaven

Melrose Place Theme Song

1992–1999; 2009–2010

This is why it is never a good idea to put a bunch of attractive people in one place, let alone one show.

The 2009 version should never have been, just like the new 90210.

Anyway, as we all know, we are in that time where 5-second opening sequences seem to be the new trend—it sucks, I know. Version two of Melrose Place is a victim, so let’s get it over and done with.

Below is the super-short title sequence for 2009 Melrose Place. Music is credited solely to Danny Lux, a regular here on Theme Songs.

Now on to the 1990s Melrose Place, the one with the definitive theme song.

On YouTube, the opening credits was uploaded by none other than CBS’ official channel, so it doesn’t get more official than that. (I realize the series was shown of FOX, but CBS released the DVD.) Below is their upload.

Of course, the video clips changed throughout the seasons, with the advent of new characters and actors, but the song remained.

The franchise released two official soundtracks. The first is Melrose Place: The Music, which for some reason did not include the theme song, and the second Melrose Place Jazz, which has the theme, where it is simply credited as “Melrose Place” (track 1).

The theme song is credited to composer Tim Truman.

The Vampire Diaries Theme Song


Vampires, vampires, vampires. When will this vampire craze ever end? Only thing I know about this series is that the ladies are going gaga over them undead men. Don’t fret, gentlemen, we have the hot Nina Dobrev to drool over in this show.

The Vampire Diaries uses a lot of cool songs throughout their episodes—case in point, they already have an official soundtrack—but the official opening sequence, if you can call it that, is a tad too short, and is definitely no True Blood opening. This also explains why fans keep making self-made sequences on YouTube.

Below is their 8-second intro. (It also kind of reminds me of Lost’s intro.)

However, in the soundtrack, there is a song called “Stefan’s Theme”. It lasts for 1:16 and is by Michael Suby who is credited as the lone composer for the series in IMDb. I’m guessing he also wrote that short tune above (if it’s not the same to begin with).

Hellcats Theme Song


Lets go back to present time, shall we? Hellcats is a new-for-fall 2010 TV series starring actress-singers Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale. Apparently, it’s about cheerleading.

The theme song was performed by Alyson Michalka’s band (duo actually, with her sister AJ) called 78violet. According the some YouTube dude, the song is entitled “Belong Here”. According to this however, which is an actual quote, the song is called “The Longhair”. The show is still quite new so we’ll get our facts straight soon.

Another song mistaken for the theme song is Fefe Dobson’s “Rockstar” which was played in the pilot episode.

Below is a crappy screencap of the opening (closing?) sequence featuring the song.

I read from somewhere that an official soundtrack has been given the go signal and will be released soon. If I’m not able to update this, click here to see if it has been released.

Nikita Theme Song

2010 TV series

Researching for La Femme Nikita, I discovered that a 2010 remake featuring the sizzling hot Maggie Q as Nikita will premiere this fall. Now, I don’t know how much truth there is to this information, but Wikipedia claims that the show will feature Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101” as its theme song. In any case, this post will be corrected and updated once the show airs; I just want to get ahead of things.

“Rockstar 101” is the fourth single from Rihanna’s 2009 release Rated R.

Watch & listen to “Rockstar 101”

Nikita theme song ringtone

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Smallville Theme Song


What, this show is still on?

The theme song from Smallville is “Save Me” by Alabama-based alternative rock band Remy Zero. It originally came from their 2001-release, The Golden Hum.

It was also released as part of the series’ official soundtrack called Smallville: The Talon Mix, released in 2003.


In the first season’s finale, Remy Zero performing “Save Me” appeared in a high school dance scene.

Smallville theme song lyrics

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through
Somebody save me
I don’t care how you do it
Just stay
Stay, c’mon
I’ve been waiting for you
I made this whole world shine for you
Stay, c’mon

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Veronica Mars Theme Song


Good thing there is still an abundance of Kristen Bell to this day.

The theme song from Veronica Mars is considered as one of the most recognizable and memorable theme songs. It is entitled “We Used to Be Friends” by American rock band, The Dandy Warhols. What’s ironic is that in 2003, when the single was released, it did not even reach the charts.

It was released as a single (of the same name), and as part of the album Welcome to the Monkey House, released in 2003.

In the third season of Veronica Mars, a slight change was done to the song. It was remixed in a softer style featuring a piano and electronic beats.

Veronica Mars theme song lyrics

A long time ago, we used to be friends
But I haven’t thought of you lately at all

Come on now, sugar
Bring it on, bring it on, yeah
Just remember me when

We used to be friends
A long time ago
We used to be friends

The video below was taken from the second season.

Reba Theme Song


For a television series named and created after a country music legend, it only make sense that its theme song was sung by no one else. The theme song for Reba was, of course, performed by Ms. Reba McEntire, and is entitled “I’m a Survivor.” It was a single coming off of her Greatest Hits Vol.3: I’m a Survivor album, released in 2001, and was only one of three new songs included in the compilation.

The song was written by songwriters, Shelby Kennedy and Phillip White. The song is entirely about Ms. McEntire—how she is a “survivor” from when she was born prematurely, to becoming a single mom and then some.

The chorus from the TV series is slightly different from the album version, but has the same general theme.

Reba theme song lyrics (show edit)

My roots are planted in the past,
Though my life is changing fast,
Who I am is who I want to be.
A single mom, who works too hard,
Who loves her kids and never stops.
With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter.
I’m a survivor.

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