Bones Theme Song


Folks at home watch this almost everyday (thanks, FOX), and I can’t believe I still don’t have it here.

Anyway, I love that episode where they made Emily Deschanel dress as Wonder Woman.

The theme song for Bones is rather cool. It is by American electronic music duo The Crystal Method. I don’t know if you’re old enough to know them but I remember their song, “Trip Like I Do” from the nineties.

From the official soundtrack, the song is simply titled “Bones Theme” and lasts 33 seconds only. However, there is a “Bones Theme (DJ Corporate Remix)“, also from the soundtrack, that lasts 3:52.

Below is said theme song.

Below is a music-only video of said remix.

24 Theme Song

Just finished watching season 7, so I thought I’d post (and learn) something about the theme song. As you might have already noticed, most (if not all) of 24’s music are electronically created. The show’s opening theme – the one after that accelerating digital countdown, is the most noticeable, albeit familiar “song” to the entire series. Research tells me that this song is aptly entitled the “24 Theme.” It is said to have been composed by producer, Sean Callery.

For lack of information about the show’s main theme, I’ll add that to date, there have been 5 official soundtracks released namely:

  1. 24: The Soundtrack
  2. 24: Seasons Four and Five Soundtrack
  3. 24: Redemption
  4. 24: The Game Original Game Score
  5. 24: The Longest Day/Remix Bundle (by Armin Van Buuren)


Apple (via iTunes) also offered 3 exclusive remixes on the 24 theme song during season 6. They were remixed by The Crystal Method, Benny Benassi and Towa Tei.