Top Gear Theme Song

December 21, 2010 update

According to a certain Michael Harbin (who loves writing in all caps), the song was written by Dickie Betts, known as “the other” guitarist for The Allman Brothers Band. However, I do not recall mentioning it (song) being written by Duane Allman. Either way, thanks for the information man.

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“Petrol heads” unite. That Top Gear theme song is just so Top Gear. You would think it was made for the show, and, you would think it was performed by a British artist, but no. Yes, Clarkson, Hammond and May, who do nothing but bash the United States, patronize an American product, show in, show out.

The song is entitled “Jessica” and it was performed by The Allman Brothers Band, a sort of countryish rock and roll band from Jacksonville, Florida. “Jessica” was originally from their 1973 album Brothers and Sisters. Aside from “Jessica,” they are also known for their song “Ramblin’ Man.”

Other facts

“Jessica” was used since the series original format in 1977. Back then it used the original version by The Allman Brothers, until up to the late 1990s, after which it used some sort of cover version. Since 2002, when the new format launched, until present, they use a (still) unknown cover version.

Would you like to hear the original version?

As you probably already have already figured out, it is an instrumental. By the way, I just figured you’d enjoy a live version more. Click here for the real deal original.

Now, for the Top Gear opening

Pop quiz

In which season did Jeremy Clarkson, while going on a drive (feature), suddenly tuned to the radio and heard “Jessica?” Clue, season 13.