Daria Theme Song


This is one of those songs that’s annoying at first. Actually, you know what, let me just describe it as brilliantly annoying.

The song in question was performed by the alternative band Splendora. Sound familiar? I didn’t think so either, and that’s because the Daria theme song is their only claim to fame. The song is officially entitled “You’re Standing on My Neck”.

The band only ever released one album—In the Grass from 1995. However, it does not contain the theme. Although I got the feeling (from album reviews) that if you liked “You’re Standing on My Neck”, you’re going to love the album.

Daria theme song lyrics (show edit)

La, la, la, la, la
This is my stuff
Got to get off
I may go pop
Excuse me, excuse me

I’ve got to be direct
La, la, la
If I’m off, please correct
La, la, la

You’re standing on my neck
You’re standing on my neck
You’re standing on my neck

Below is the original opening sequence.

Below is a full version of the song. For the life of me I can’t figure out where the extended version can be found (album or release).