Long Way Round Theme Song

Long Way Round, that television series documenting the journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on motorcycles. I love motorcycles! I love this series!

The theme song for Long Way Round is, well, “Long Way Round” by the Stereophonics. Research tells me that the official soundtrack of the series did not include “Long Way Round,” which is a big bummer, add to the fact that it contained other Stereophonic songs. Searching for Stereophonics albums, I found out that “Long Way Round” can only be found in Dakota, Pt. 2—an audio CD supplementary of their Dakota DVD. Dakota, Pt. 2 is no longer in production so best of luck to your legal quest of the song.

Kelly Jones, lead singer of the Stereophonics and good friend of Ewan McGregor wrote the song. It is said that Jones and McGregor discussed ideas for the song during the trip by text message.

Long Way Round theme song lyrics (show edit)

Got sun in my face, sleeping rough on the road
I’ll tell you all about it, when I get home
Comin’ round to meet you, The long way round

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