Pole Position Theme Song

If you ask me, this theme is definitely in the top five for cartoons. Pole Position!

So, remember in my Rainbow Brite post I said I don’t remember the last time I searched for an animated series without the names Shuki Levy and Haim Saban? So now guess who composed this theme? That’s right.

However, like most great cartoons of old, information regarding performers—vocalists, instrumentalists—is very hard to find. I hope someday this blog will be a medium for discussion regarding those “unsung” heroes.

So, let’s just enjoy the lyrics for now.

Pole Position theme song lyrics


[From now on, like your parents were,
you are the secret force of Pole Position!]

They’re movin’ real fast
They’re the only ones who can get there on time
[Let’s go Dan. Okay sis’]

They’re never too far behind, they’re always fighting crime
[It’s stunt time Dan]
[Ready when you are Rhodie]

On the curve or a face in adventure in the danger zone
Pretty soon they’ll be off on a mission, come and watch them go!

[Hydrofoil mode, Rhodie]
[Hydrofoil engaged, Dan]

Pole Position! What’s behind this stunt show
[Wheels—hovercraft, quick]
[Anything you say, Tess]
Pole Position! What’s behind this stunt show
Pole Position! Only they’re on the road
Pole Position!

Sit back and watch them go
Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o, Hey-o

And of course, the theme song and opening.

Rainbow Brite Theme Song

Very, very popular franchise that has a cult following to this day.

So, guess what? There are some very familiar names in this theme tune once again—possibly the biggest names in animation music. Shuki Levy and Haim Saban ring a bell? Yes, once again, they are the composers of this theme—and all music for the thirteen-episode series. Frankly, I don’t even remember the last time I posted something for a cartoon show wherein I didn’t encounter their names (seriously). And, listing what they’ve done so far is getting tiring, so, as with the previous posts, simply click on their names beside “Tags” at the end of this post to see a list of their work.

The short intro was able to squeeze in some lyrics, but actually, the longer version of the theme can be heard on the original closing credits (below we have videos of both). But first, let’s look at the complete and correct lyrics.

Rainbow Brite theme song lyrics

Rainbow Brite
See the shining light
Yes, I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite

[opening sequence edit here]

Starlite flies
Right before your eyes
And rainbow colors will cheer you up

Magic light
Come, I’ll take you for a ride

Rainbow Brite
See the shining light
Yes, I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite

It sounds to me like the singer is the same as the one voicing the character, isn’t it? (Please correct me on this one.) But if it were true, then the singer would be voice actress Bettina Bush.

Update: According to Bettina Bush’s Wikipedia entry, she is also a singer by profession. Chances are, she’s really the one behind the voice.

Anyway, here are the videos.

And the longer end credits featuring the full theme.

On a related not, it is said that in home releases of the series (VHS), the end credits were changed to the “Rainbow Brite and Me” song. Same song was used in the Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer movie. Below is the song.

That’s it for this one. Hit the comments for additional information and/or corrections.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Theme Song

One of the better theme songs for cartoons of the past. Love that guitar work.

Unfortunately for this one, additional information for the tune is limited. In fact, the only written, or credited, name for music is that of the company Saban Entertainment. I, for one, have become familiar with Saban because of its founders Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, who I have encountered many times as composers of popular animated series themes—see “Tags” below and click on their names to find out what they have done.

Anyway, let’s just relive the sequence. As most of you might remember, it starts with a short (but powerful) narration (by Merlin):

And then, from the field of the future a new king will come to save to world of the past.

And then, the complete and correct lyrics.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice theme song lyrics

Ride through the storm, see the knights fighting evil and crime
A modern day team of heroes in medieval times
Arthur and the Knights of Justice, putting evil down
Ride through the storm with the knights of the table ’round
Come on, come on
King Arthur ride

Would have loved to know who’s behind that voice (and the band).

Anyway, below is the classic sequence.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Theme Song


By the power of Grayskull! Man, this was definitely one of the animated series that defined my childhood.

The He-Man theme song, if you can call it that, was simply background music set to the more-memorable opening narrative sequence. The tune has its moments—especially during short silences in the narration—but most of the time it is drowned in the background.

Composers for the series include known children’s television program composer duo Shuki Levy and Haim Saban (click on their names to see what we have on them so far), who are both Israeli-American. Additional credits are given to Lou Scheimer and Erika Lane. The former is credited in IMDb and the latter in Wikipedia, but none in both.

Like I said, since the theme is barely one, let’s just focus on the epic opening sequence as a whole. First, the complete and correct narration.

I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, and defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull. This is Cringer, my fearless friend. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, “By the power of Greyskull!”

“I have the power!”

Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat. And I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. Only three others share this secret. Our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms and Orko. Together we defend Castle Greyskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for—the introduction.

Dinosaucers Theme Song


A while ago we were feeling blast-from-the-past-y which reminded us of Dino-Riders. Now we are feeling both blast-from-the-past-y and dinosaur-y! So the next logical theme song to post about then is Dinosaucers!

Dinosaucers is another DIC Entertainment productions, which means its music can only have been created by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban—click to know what else they did.

So once again, since the song’s lyrics are just “Dinosaucers” repeated again and again, we once again bring to you the introduction narration.

We used to be four ordinary teenagers, until one day we met some new friends, from out of town. They were called Dinosaucers. My friends and I became the Secret Scouts, allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space, and joined their battle against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos.

Ankylo: “The Dinosaucers are leaving, Boss-asaur.”
Genghis Rex: “Well… FOLLOW THEM!” (Classic!)

And now for the opening sequence.

Dino-Riders Theme Song


I’m feeling kind of blast-from-the-past-y so let’s start going through some animated shows that would remind us of our childhood. Dino-Riders was definitely a personal favorite of mine because it had cool toys. I had this big-a$$ Brontosaurus back then—of course learning about dinosaurs and their genera did not hurt.

The theme song from Dino-Riders probably did not merit that much recall because it was simply background music for the usual narration. IMDb credits Shuki Levy and Haim Saban in majority for original music, which makes sense because these two did a lot of animation scoring back then.

Since there are no lyrics here, let’s just post the complete and correct intro narration.

After years of peaceful existence on the distant planet Valorie, Questar and his people were forced into battle. The power of their STEP crystal ripped a hole in the fabric of time, sending them back to prehistoric Earth. Unaware that at the same moment the evil Emperor Krulos, was plotting to capture the STEP crystal with his own grotesque Rulon forces. And so, the battle continues in a new place and time with Dino-Riders.

Well, not much left to discuss here so below is the official opening sequence.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Theme Song


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was an animated television series produced by DIC Entertainment, and I believe was shown in (in the U.S.) Nickelodeon and the USA Network.

It had one of those opening sequences that started with a narration and transitioned to the opening theme song. Its theme song was composed by now billionaire and media proprietor Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. Both are Israeli-American.

Below is the opening narration which summarizes the premise of the show.

Thundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds. Jayce searches for his father to unite the Magic Root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss. Wheeled Warriors explode into battle – Lightning Strikes!

Below are the correct lyrics to the song.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors theme song lyrics

There’s a power that comes from deep inside of you
‘Cause every day you’re reaching toward the light
And you know there’s a long long way ahead of you
But when your wheels get you there,
Things will turn out right!

Just keep ’em turning, don’t stop ’em rolling
The fire is on–Wheeled Warriors!
Battle drums burning, wheels moving–Wheeled Warriors
Wheeled Warriors!
Cause we can just keep ’em turning, don’t stop ’em rolling
The fire is on–Wheeled Warriors!
Battle drums burning, wheels moving–Wheeled Warriors
Wheeled Warriors!

And now for the original opening sequence.

MASK Theme Song

1985; Also “M.A.S.K. theme song” or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Hot damn this was the shiznit!

IMDb lists series original music by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban, the former being still active to this day, and is known for composing the theme songs of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and X-Men. I do not know who sang it, however, Shuki Levy is also known as a rock lead singer in his home, Israel, and in Europe in the seventies as part of the duo Shuki and Aviva.

MASK theme song lyrics

Masked crusaders, working overtime
Fighting crime, fighting crime
Secret raiders who will neutralize
As soon as they arrive, at the site
Trakker’s gonna lead the mission
And Spectrum’s got such super vision
Is the mighty power that can save the day
No one knows what lies behind the masquerades
Always riding hot on VENOM’s trail
Come see the laser rays
Fire away

Watch & listen