Doctor Who Theme Song

1963–1989; 2005–present

Alright, so Doctor Who is a British television program (or “programme” to you Englishmen) that is a Guinness Word Records-holder for the longest science fiction television show in the world. All in all there have been 11 incarnations of the character, The Doctor, who is known as an “eccentric traveler of great intelligence.” Sounds interesting.

The theme song was composed by Ron Grainer and by Delia Derbyshire. It is one of the earliest examples of “electronic music” as it was entirely made through electronic means way back in 1963. The song is simply referred to as “Doctor Who theme music.”

So, the theme, like in any long-running television show, has had alterations and revisions but stays true to its melody. Almost ready to review and search for each unique reworking, I was surprised to see this YouTube fella compile each version of the title sequence and theme music in one video. Damn, thank you so much for making my job so friggin’ easy.

Below is the said video.