The Dresden Files Theme Song


Cool, albeit short, theme song. Also, a very short-lived series which failed to capitalize on the popularity of the books.

The theme song for The Dresden Files is this bass-centered tune atop a lead guitar melody. It is simple and catchy, and it works. Because of its short life, it is highly unlikely that we will see any commercial releases for the said tune.

Which is partly why this blog exists—to celebrate even the unsung and forgotten musical pieces that once found mainstream media exposure, and made people want to jam.

Alright, enough of the trying-hard-to-be-poetic rants. The theme song was composed by Robert J. Kral, a known television composer. Although not officially credited, I banked on him as the official theme composer because his name, and no one else, is credited on all 12 episodes.

Alright, nothing left but to see the theme in action. Below is the official opening sequence/titles of The Dresden Files.