$#*! My Dad Says Theme Song


Man, this is going to be bad for the search engines—so, from hereon after, we shall refer to this theme song as the Shit My Dad Says theme song. Or, what it was really meant to be.

Oh by the way, they officially pronounce this as “bleep my dad says” so this is also the Bleep My Dad Says theme song.

The theme song for Shit My Dad Says is “Your Dogs” by Ben Folds. It is originally from his album Lonely Avenue, which in reality is a collaboration between him and English novelist Nick Hornby—all lyrics of the eleven songs was Hornby’s. The album was released just September of this year.

It is rare that I post first before YouTubers “hack” a copy of the intro or of episodes online, so, in the meantime, enjoy an official trailer for the series.


I will update this post when an opening sequence is available.