Saved by the Bell Theme Song


“It’s alright, ’cause I’m saved by the bell!”

Saved by the Bell was popular enough to warrant two spin-offs, namely Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class, not to mention two made-for-TV movies. It also had a sort of prequel in Good Morning, Miss Bliss, but in this post we shall focus on on Saved by the Bell: The Cult Classic.

This show is so old that its official soundtrack was released as a cassette tape. However, I already saw a CD version of it, but it costs, get this, $125.84 new.

The opening theme song is obviously entitled “Saved by the Bell,” and the listed composer is Scott Gale. As for the vocals on the song, no factual information can be found—maybe on the disc itself but I not have that.

Update as to who’s the artist behind the song

From IMDb:

Singer Michael Damian performed an alternate rendition of the show’s theme song, which was used during the first season.

Once again, NBC is messing with people embedding rips of their original shows, so below is a very poor quality capture of the original opening sequence. It is followed by a semi-clear copy of the theme song without sequence.

Below is said theme song-only video.

Saved by the Bell theme song lyrics

Well, I wake up in the morning,
And the alarm gives out a warning,
And I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time.

By the time I grab my books,
And I give myself a look,
I’m at the corner, just in time to see the bus fly by.

It’s all right, ’cause I’m Saved by the Bell.

If the teacher pops a test,
I know I’m in a mess,
And my dog ate all my homework last night.

Riding low in my chair,
She won’t know that I’m there,
If I can hand it in tomorrow it’ll be all right.

It’s all right, ’cause I’m Saved by the Bell.