Outsourced Theme Song

Anisha Nagarajan should be given more credit as a hottie.

Alright, I wanted to wait for this one as there is not much useful information out there regarding this theme, but what the heck, the series is nearing the end of its maiden season and there is no word yet of an order (for a 2nd). But, this show rocks and I think things are looking good.

First, let’s listen to the tune (and watch the credits) in the video below.


The song is not “Beware of the Boys” by Panjabi MC—that we are sure of—as many have suggested. Chances are, the song is an original made especially for the show. IMDb credits the Transcenders as sole music providers for most of the episodes. We recently discussed them—from the Harry’s Law post—and know that they are a music production team formed by the founding members of The Black Eyed Peas.

They, however, did not compose the main title music (makes me wonder why I even bothered). In the same IMDb page, you’ll read that Michael A. Levine and Satnam Ramgotra are credited with “composer: theme music” beside their names. So, there you have it. Both of them have very colorful resumes in the film and television-scoring world, but I dug deeper and am positive this is their first shot at a theme song. Good job, though.

Chances are, we’ll only find a full version of this song (and that’s not even the case sometimes) if they decide to release an official soundtrack.

Well, that is as much information I can give you on this tune. Hit the comments for anything useful.

Oh and also, if anyone can figure out what they are saying/chanting during the song, that would be great.