The Good Guys Theme Song


Same-day update

Funny I did research after the fact. I just saw this from Locksley’s site. That is an official LEGAL download link. Click below to go directly.

Download “Slink” legally.

Original post

There have been three television shows entitled “The Good Guys”—2010, 1968, and one in Britain. This post is for the 2010 version, the one on FOX, the one that has already been canceled. Damn! I’m too late.

Anyway, for archiving purposes, the theme song for The Good Guys is entitled “Slink” (officially, “Slink (A Hymn)”). It is by a band who call themselves Locksley. I believe the song was written entirely for the show, as it is not available as part of their previously released materials.

No real opening credits videos are currently available (contributions, anyone?), but below is a lyrics video of the song.