Jersey Shore Theme Song


This show is just…well…dumb. Yes, offense.

But, that definitely will not stop us from making a buck out of it.

So, let me make this quick and painless. The intro and main theme song for Jersey Shore—that show that represents everything that is wrong with this world—is entitled “Get Crazy”. It is by the group (duo) LMFAO, an act that falls in the “electro hop” genre, or electronic hip hop.

The song is originally from LMFAO’s debut album Party Rock, which was released on July 7, 2009. It is also included in the official soundtrack of Jersey Shore. (Even the soundtrack is heavily scrutinized—one track made it to #1 on a 100 Worst Songs Ever list.)

Anyway, below is the full/album version of the theme song “Get Crazy”.

Jersey Shore theme song lyrics

See video above. Also, text not appropriate to post on this blog.

Then below, a version of the opening sequence taken from some season.