Felicity Theme Song


A college drama while I was in college, what great timing.

In its four-season run, Felicity had two opening themes. The first two seasons’ theme, the one sung by a girl, was simply referred to as “Felicity Theme”. It was part of the first soundtrack—Felicity: Music From The Hit Television Series. The song is credited to Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen.

For seasons three and four, a new male-sung theme song was used. “New Version of You” also made it to an official soundtrack, the second and last—Felicity: Senior Year. The song is credited to the show’s multi-talented creator J. J. Abrams and filmmaker Andrew Jarecki. I’m pretty sure one of them performed/recorded the song.

The show’s producers totally tripped on season two’s Twilight Zone episode, where they created a whole new Twilight Zone-inspired theme music and video sequence. Luckily, this Felicity addict combined all the unique versions of the theme songs in one video. See below.

Felicity theme song lyrics

“New Version of You”

Can you become
Can you become
A new version of you

New wallpaper
New shoe leather
A new way home
I don’t remember

New version of you
I need a new version of me

New version of you
I need a new version of me

“Felicity Theme” was of course hummed.