Hope & Faith Theme Song


Faith is the real name of of the actress who portrays Hope Shanowski. Also, Megan Fox!

Three distinct theme songs for three seasons. I do not think I have encountered anything like that in my 270+ posts here.

The only official information I have for each theme song are its composers. However, I read from somewhere that season two’s theme song is entitled “Sisters” and was performed by a certain Tina Sugandh—and Indian-born musician and actress.

Update: The second season’s theme song was indeed performed by Tina Sugandh as per her Wikipedia page.

The composers for each theme song is as follows:

  • Season 1 – Jon Gilutin & David Rice
  • Season 2 – John Swihart & Alissa Moreno
  • Season 3 – Scott Schreer

There are no known commercial releases for these songs.

Hope & Faith theme song lyrics

Season 1:

You know we don’t have to talk about it
We got our different ways
But you know in the end, we can laugh about it
Even though we can drive each other crazy
You know we don’t have to worry
We will live, we will laugh, and we love each other anyways
La, la, la, la, la, la

Season 2:

We drive each other crazy it’s true (crazy)
But I can’t imagine my life without you
Sisters, with a brand new star
Sisters, we’ve come so far
Sisters, there’s no better way to be
You and me

Season 3’s is of course a very short instrumental.

Below is a compiled video of all the themes and opening sequences.