Vincent Lopez Theme Song

Here’s something that probably none of you can relate to, but I know for a fact that people are searching for this one.

About Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra

Vincent Lopez, born December 30, 1895, was a U.S. bandleader and pianist. His band started broadcasting on a then new medium of entertainment—radio, which boosted its popularity along with his. He began his broadcasts with the catch phrase, “Lopez speaking!” and a theme song entitled Nola, originally written as a piano piece by Felix Arndt. Later on, James F. Burns added words to Nola. It was performed by one of the 1920s most famous groups, The Revelers.

Nola lyrics

I realize within your eyes for me there lies a paradise
What other bliss is like a kiss from pretty lips I idolize
You are so sweet and you are so neat
A girl like you I’d never meet
Just to behold you is a treat that’s hard to beat

Nothing I do can show how true I am to you, my only one
Cuddle up near and let me hear a word to cheer your lonely one
Your winning style my heart beguiles
For one sweet smile I’d walk a mile
Let me enfold you in my arms awhile

When you’re near the birds sing in the trees pretty harmonies
All the world is humming a melody
When away from you I may be straying
Then my heart keeps saying
You’re the heart of me, part of me, all of me
Nola, heed and listen while I plead, you’re the one I need
Life for me is nothing but misery
Nola, Nola, hear your lonesome lovesick sweetheart calling Nola

Watch and listen to Nola as a piano piece performed by Liberace