Pushing Daisies Theme Song

The real deal

In Pushing Daisies, all original music (to 22 episodes) is credited to James “Jim” Dooley, an American composer who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series in 2008 (yes, it was for Pushing Daisies).

There are a lot of orchestral/classical-like music in Pushing Daisies, and there has been some confusion (for me at least) as to why people have been calling it “Against The Wall”—the very dramatic/makes-you-wanna-cry tune. Maybe it is called that, maybe not, but this I will tell you… In the official soundtrack of Pushing Daisies, there is no song entitled “Against The Wall.” There is a song though, track #10, called “Pie Holding Hole” and it is THAT song.

The “theme song” is the one used in the very brief showing of the show’s title—the one where the logo slowly reveals itself via a bunch of growing daisies. I believe it has been used in its entirety in an episode of Pushing Daisies, or so they tell me.

Listen to the theme song (self-made video; “Against The Wall,” “Pie Holding Hole,” whatever you want to call it)