The Backyardigans Theme Song


Hello y’all, how’s it hangin’? Last month was a postless month—I know, been busy with other projects—but rest-assured, Theme Songs is and will always be alive.

So anyway, for my “return of the comeback,” something for the kids. The Backyardigans is a Canadian-American CGI-animated television series. I’ve been checking out clips of it from YouTube, and well, it looks like some expensively-made series.

The theme song is an original, featuring voices of the stars. I guess the song is only referred to as “The Backyardigans Theme” or “Theme from The Backyardigans.” Haven’t seen any video with the official opening sequence, but at least the videos (like the one below) feature HD-quality audio.

Series original music is credited to Evan Lurie and Douglas Wieselman. I’m not sure if they composed the theme.

The Backyardigans theme song lyrics

Hi, I’m Pablo.
My name’s Tyrone.
I’m Uniqua.
I’m Tasha.
And my name is Austin.
And we’re…

Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans!
Together in the backyard again,
In the place where we belong,
Where we’ll prob’ly sing a song,
And we’ll maybe dance along.

We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore.
We always find things we’ve never seen before.
That’s why every day we’re back for more
With your friends, the Backyardigans.