ProStars Theme Song

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson as cartoon characters. What a concept.

Let’s start with the opening sequence and theme—what else?

Sorry for the long and irritating intro.

Here are the lyrics.

ProStars theme song lyrics

Michael’s prime is slam time
ProStars, show stars
Wayne’s hot slam shot
Bo knows where to go
ProStars, ProStars, all stars, ProStars

Jordan jams in your face, gonna put them in their place
ProStars, go stars
Blue line crunch time, Wayne will score just in time

ProStars, all stars
Show stop
Big swing Bo’s the man, gonna hit a grand slam

Spoken: ProStars, it’s all about helping kids

Of course, if you’d remember, this wasn’t always the theme. It started out as a ripoff of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, replaced with the words “We are, we are ProStars.” Unfortunately, no video of that yet is available.

Performers of the theme are still unknown, but original music writing is credited to a certain Eric Allaman.

So that’s it, only the performer of the tune is lacking. Hopefully we’ll sort that out in the future.

Bonus video

Closing credits.