Hot in Cleveland Theme Song

2010 – present

Ah, the great Betty White.

Hot in Cleveland is the first all-original series of the cable network TV Land; given that, they’re doing quite good—already renewed for a third season.

It has a very short, 10-second title sequence that shows nothing but a play in the show’s logo—from “LA” to “CLEVELAND” (L.A. being the setting of the leads’ backgrounds).

The song is quite catchy though, and it makes you wish it was part of a full song. However, it is not. Not officially credited (as the composer of the title tune), composers Ron Wasserman and Emerson Swinford are the only known composers of the series to date.

We have encountered Mr. Wasserman before, most notably for the theme to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He also goes by his aliases Aaron Waters and The Mighty RAW.


Yes, well, I guess it’s nothing buy “Pa, pa, pa, pa. Pa, pa, pa, pa. Hey!”

As for the performers, no information yet.

See below for the short title sequence.