The Price Is Right Theme Song


“Come on down!”

Hey wait a minute, did you know that the super original The Price Is Right was not the one hosted by Bob Barker? That’s right, the first The Price Is Right aired between 1956 and 1965, and was hosted by Bill Cullen. So, the official hosts are: Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, and Drew Carey.

Jesus, Bob Barker hosted the show for 35 years (1972-2007). If Drew would last that long, I guess it’s bye bye funny Drew.

Well, I’m assuming you are looking for the Bob Barker/Drew Carey-era theme song, right? The opening song did not really change, it’s probably just a remixed re-recording of sorts.

There are a number of user-made videos for The Price Is Right’s theme song in YouTube. So, let’s be a little different and show a real opening sequence (with theme song of course) from an episode way back in 1991.

So, about the composer—both Wikipedia and IMDb credits Edd Kalehoff as composer, but check it—Edd Kalehoff’s Wikipedia page has this line: “Composer of about 1,000 pieces…his credits include the majority of cues used on The Price is Right (although the 1972 theme is officially attributed to Sheila Cole).”

So there, it’s not quite clear but it’s most probably one of those two—Edd Kalehoff and Sheila Cole.