Eastbound & Down Theme Song


Alright, this one is a little premature as this series is still in my to-watch list. The show was just tipped to me—by the way, thanks for the tips even though I really haven’t officially placed my contact information out there. But hey man, any show that has Ana de la Reguera…

Also, for now, please email all tips and stuff to mark.verzo[at]gmail.com.

Eastbound & Down is an HBO comedy about a baseball player. Looking at some previews, it seems really funny.

As for the theme song, the following is the extent of my knowledge. As you know, I have this need to post an original sequence from the show which showcases the theme song. I have found none that featured Freddie King’s version of Don Nix’s “Going Down,” which is the known theme song (from research and discussions) of the show.

The only opening sequence (more of like montage) I found was the one below, and the background song is “Death Is The Answer” by the band Early Man—which awfully sounds like Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne. The song was part of their Early Man EP (2005) and their Closing In album (2005).

Below is the said opening.

Below is “Going Down” from a fan-made video.