Wheeler Dealers Theme Song


I love this show. Actually, I love these kinds of shows. From where I’m from, at least, this is shown on Discovery Turbo, and in all honesty, I can watch that channel for 24 hours straight.

The show features cool bass-centered electronic music for its scores. As for the opening theme, as far as I’m concerned, I can call out two unique versions.

The first version, which was of course used in the first few seasons, is credited to Roger Dexter and Dominic Mangle. This opening theme also made it to the closing credits. Watch the video below to hear the theme during the opening titles.

As for the second version, I do not know for sure when they started using it but I can confidently say that it has been around since their On the Road special which was in series 5. The second theme is credited to Plan 8 Music (or Plan8), a music and sound production suite from Stockholm. See below.

By the way, did you know that almost all Wheeler Dealer episodes are on YouTube? Check it out to find out if you missed something—here’s their episode list.

How It’s Made Theme Song


The Discovery Channel rules, and so does this show. Good thing I stumble upon How It’s Made earlier as it reminded me to update this blog.

The theme song, used in the opening and closing credits, is really “jammy” and fun. I still have no official information regarding the theme song, but don’t worry, that will come. For now, let’s base it from what’s listed at iMDb:

Series Music Department: Handled by Don DiNicoloa from 2007-2008 as music supervisor.
Series Sound Department: Lists Karol Urban and Dallas Taylor as sound re-recording engineers.

But anyway, what’s important is we have the theme song here. See below for the original screencast capture and some interesting recreations from YouTube users.

The original opening with sequence (poor quality)

Not sure if this one’s a recreation but it lasts 1:04

A high-quality recreation

Dirty Jobs Theme Song

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

The theme song for Dirty Jobs is entitled “We Care a Lot.” It is a very old song by the band Faith No More, and was included in their first two albums—We Care a Lot and Introduce Yourself released in 1985 and 1987 respectively. Basically, it has the lyrics “Oh, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it,” which makes it perfect for the show. Also, in 2007, the theme song was temporarily replaced with a more generic theme song because of rights issues.

However, you might be looking for that “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song.” If you’re familiar with the show, there was an episode where a viewer wrote to Mike and asked about his days as an opera singer—true story, so it gave birth to a song, accompanied by a guitar and a banjo, with constantly changing lyrics, but always end with the line “all you got to do is get yourself a dirty job.”

So, just watch the three videos below, where you can hear the theme songs discussed above.

Dirty Jobs opening featuring “We Care a Lot”

Mike Rowe gets an email from a fan, giving birth to “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song”

Longer “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song” seen in their 100th special episode