Spiral Zone Theme Song


Probably not as popular as the other animated series we’ve discussed, but cartoon theme songs don’t get better than this. Besides, Spiral Zone had a very unique and mature plot, which made children, including me, think hard and wide.

Not much is known about the opening theme—how it came to be, plus composers and performers—but there is a vague list of series original music scorers on IMDb: Ashley Hall, David Kitay, Richard Kosinski, Steve Tyrell, and Sam Winans. All of them are credited for 65 episodes. It is highly likely that at least one of them (or all of them) had something to do with the opening theme.

So now let’s relive the classic theme song and intro sequence.

Now the lyrics.

Spiral Zone theme song lyrics

Spoken: Surrender, or pay the consequences.

Earth’s most powerful soldiers, are earth’s last chance to fight the Spiral Zone
Darkness, has fallen, on the victims of the zone
Our world, calls for courage, peace and freedom we must own

We will fight, on our honor
What is right, we’ll defend
Fight the zone, zone riders

Earth’s most powerful soldiers are earth’s last chance against the Spiral Zone!

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