Sons of Anarchy Theme Song

Gotta love Sons of Anarchy…

Sons of Anarchy has had a lot of cool, notable songs since its conception in 2008. However, the main theme song in question is “This Life,” credited to a group called Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers.

Although Curtis Stigers is a known musician, I have no information as to the members and whereabouts of The Forest Rangers. However, there is an article entitled “Velvet Revolver’s Dave Kushner co-writes ‘Sons of Anarchy’ theme song.” Whether or not Dave Kushner is a part of The Forest Rangers, I do not know.

In addition, Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers is credited to another Sons of Anarchy-used song called “John the Revelator.” And, two five-song EPs (exclusive to iTunes) have been released: Sons of Anarchy: North Country and Sons of Anarchy: Shelter. I don’t know crap about iTunes so maybe you can just do a search.

Sons of Anarchy theme song lyrics

Riding through this world, all alone
God takes your soul; you’re on your own
The crow flies straight, a perfect line
On the devil’s back until you die

This life is short, baby that’s a fact
Better live it right, you ain’t coming back
Gotta raise some hell before they take you down
Gotta live this life

Gotta look this world in the eye
Gotta live this life ’till you die
You better have soul, nothing less
Cause when it’s business time, it’s life or death

The King is dead, the light goes on
Don’t lose your head when the deal goes down
Better keep your eyes on the road ahead
Gotta live this life

Gotta look this world in the eye
Gotta live this life until you die



Sons of Anarchy theme song ringtone

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Update (October 30, 2010)

The official single release of “This Life” has the following information:

Written by: Curtis Stigers, Dave Kushner, Bob Thiele Jr., and Kurt Sutter
Performed by: Brian “Hacksaw” Williams
Produced and arranged by: Dominik Hauser

Update (January 18, 2011); Belfast theme song update

As this post constantly ranks in the top results for Google, I have to keep the information updated. For those of you (us) who religiously follow SoA, you’d know that in the final episodes of season three, when the story is set in Belfast, Ireland, the show’s producers decided to appropriately match the opening and theme song with a sort of Irish remix. Anyway, below is the Belfast version. The video I got kind of sucks—for some reason it has mirror-image scenes—but it will work for now. See below.