Scandal Theme Song


Scandal (ABC)Kerry Washington. Nice.

Truth be told, Scandal only became worthwhile during its second season. Agree? Let’s just say it became a lot more interesting. Anyway, Scandal isn’t really much of a theme song show, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good music. Besides, its chief composer is a respected musician—Chad Fischer. Who is Chad Fischer? Glad you asked. He is part of the band Lazlo Bane; their claim to fame is the theme song for Scrubs, that catchy song entitled “Superman”.

So I guess Mr. Fischer continued down the path of television music. Now working by his lonesome, he is currently credited as the composer for 12 episodes of Scandal, including the opening and closing themes.

Unfortunately, the franchise hasn’t released anything music-related, so this tune is not part of anything commercially accessible. But, thank heavens for YouTube. Below is the theme as posted by someone obsessed with opening and closing credits.

I guess that’s it for now. Will update this post when something new comes up. (Also, the plan is to post an original capture of the credits.)