Being Erica Theme Song


Being Erica is a Canadian television series (I’ve always wondered what goes on up there). Most would probably not be able to relate, but what the heck. The show stars Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange, a woman who has a therapist (Michael Riley) who can actually send her back in time to relive and correct certain events in her past. Sounds wild.

The theme song is good. The song is an edited version of “All I Ever Wanted.” It was co-written and performed by Canadian independent singer-songwriter, Lily Frost. Go Indie!

The song is part of the official soundtrack of the series. It is listed as “Being Erica Opening Theme Song” for track 1, and as Lily Frost – “All I Ever Wanted To Be (Being Erica Theme Song)” for track 23 (last).

Being Erica theme song lyrics

It’s clearer inside of me
Who I will always be
Open me up to my heart
Feels like I’m singing the dark
(Waking me up to my life)
To do it all over
Again and again
Back to the end
The sum of my dreams
And everything I ever wanted to be

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