Arrow Theme Song


arrow posterArrow is a girl’s show. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but it does appeal to a lot of women. Why? Because of all the muscles. I mean, seriously, Stephen Amell, that’s some serious meat you’re packing. Jesus. (So ladies, the photo on the left is a tribute to you.)

Even Diggle (David Ramsey) looks like he sleeps in a gym or something.

Anyway, (spit), on to the theme song. Let’s put it this way—the show has good music, no question about that, but it is not definable by its theme. In fact, after the pilot (I think), the succeeding episodes were left with a nowadays-trend of a 10-second theme. Just a quick logo flash and a short tune.

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The Pacific Theme Song


Alright, so The Pacific is a sister show (whatever that means) to the mega-successful Band of Brothers from 2001. It was an epic show, so it had an epic theme song as well.

The song is entitled “Honor”. As per the original soundtrack, it is officially credited as “Honor (Main Title Theme From The Pacific)” and lasts 2 minutes and 56 seconds—same length as the opening sequence, so no full/album version.

Music for the miniseries was done by the team of Blake Neely, Geoff Zanelli and Hans Zimmer. Now, that is an impressive team. Trust me. But, if you don’t know why, here are some of their credentials:

Blake Neely – Nominated for an Emmy for the theme from Everwood.
Geoff Zanelli – Won an Emmy for scoring Into the West.
Hans Zimmer – You don’t know Hans Zimmer? He probably only won like a bazillion awards, including the Oscar for The Lion King. He also worked for The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Now, as hinted earlier, the franchise has also released an official soundtrack—March 2010. It contains 20 plus songs, all original scores for the series. It also includes the also-nice end title theme entitled “With The Old Breed” (video below).

Alright, on to the vids.

First, the original opening sequence/titles.

That sequence was also nominated in 2010 for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design.

Next, a better-audio-quality version of the opening theme (“Honor”).

Then the end title theme (“With The Old Breed”).

Everwood Theme Song


Now for some reason, we have an Everwood boxed set lying somewhere around the house. It’s my sister’s but I never really dared to start watching it, let alone touch it. However, I know this show and I have seen a couple of episodes from back then. It had this really mellow theme song set by a solo violin playing the main melody.

That theme song was composed by American composer Blake Neely, and it earned him a 2003 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music nomination.

That nomination was one of only two Emmy nominations the series received—the other one for Outstanding Guest Actor for James Earl Jones.

The series was able to release one official soundtrack. It of course contains the theme song, which is credited as “Main Title Theme for Everwood” in the album. The full version lasts 2:54.

Below is the complete version of the song.

Below is the original opening sequence used in seasons 3 and 4.

The Mentalist Theme Song

All I know for sure is that The Mentalist’s original music is credit to American composer, Blake Neely. In his studio’s site, he has a page dedicated to his favorite cues from the show (with streaming samples), and track #1 entitled “Believe,” is labeled “Theme from The Mentalist.” However, it is not the one used in the short intro of the series—the one where they show several definitions of “mentalist.”

It (intro song) actually sounds more like track #11 EP 103: Sand Castle, again from this page.


The Mentalist is just about to start its second season on September 24, 2009. It airs Thursdays 10 p.m. on CBS, and stars Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman and the very hot Amanda Righetti.

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Below is that very short sequence people consider the “intro” to The Mentalist.