Who’s the Boss? Theme Song


Information regarding this theme song is quite, to say the least, common knowledge, but my aim is to present it to you in a very straightforward and simple manner.

Alright, so let’s start.

The title of the theme song is “Brand New Life”.

The lyrics were written by Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter. They were also the creators and producers of the show.

Music was composed by Larry Carlton and Robert Kraft.

Three distinct vocal versions were used throughout the series’ run. These were sung by Larry Weiss (seasons 1 & 2), country music singer Steve Wariner (seasons 3 to 5), and Jonathan Wolff (seasons 6 to 8).

As far as lyrics is concerned, only one change happened: the original opening verse of “There’s more to life than what you’re livin'” was later changed to “There’s a time for love and a time for livin'”. This happened in the third season.

There is no official soundtrack for the show. However, the theme song can be found in a number of compilation albums and (legal) song downloads.

Below are the correct lyrics of the song.

Who’s the Boss? theme song lyrics

There’s more to life than what you’re livin’ / There’s a time for love and a time for livin’
You take a chance and face the wind
An open road and a road that’s hidden
A brand new life around the bend

There were times when I lost a dream or two
Found the trail, and at the end was you
There’s a path you take and a path untaken
The choice is up to you my friend

Nights are long but you’re on your way
To a brand new life,
Brand new life,
Brand new life around the bend

Below are some distinct versions and variations of the opening sequence/theme song. See above for reference. As far as changes in the opening video sequence is concerned, maybe there’s another blog for that.