Kill Bill Theme Song

If you ask me, I’d say the Kill Bill theme song is the whistle song. The whistle song is entitled “Twisted Nerve” (yes, it’s a real song!) by Bernard Herrmann. That song is actually older than Kill Bill because it was originally used for the 1968 film of the same name, Twisted Nerve. In Twisted Nerve (the movie), the theme was simply referred to as “Georgie’s theme” as Georgie was the name of the main character.

Listen to “Twisted Nerve”


Many of you, including the official soundtrack, would disagree. Because, officially, the theme song is “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by Japanese musician Tomoyasu Hotei. “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” was also used in the movies Transformers, Shrek the Third, and Hotel for Dogs, so really, what kind of theme song is that? And, not to mention, it was originally called “Shin jingi-naki tatakai” which was the theme song for the Japanese film Another Battle.

Listen to “Battle Without Honor or Humanity”


There were a lot of songs used in the movie so maybe the official soundtrack will settle all.

Click here to view the list of songs included in the soundtrack.