Better with You Theme Song


Finally, a proper opening sequence and theme song. Recent, new-school 5-second sequences is making this blog extinct.

Better with You is a new romantic comedy series by ABC. It has had good reception and reviews so far and I would bet for a second season.

The opening theme song is also entitled “Better With You” and is by American artist Ben Kweller. I think the song was made for the show, as it is not found in any of Ben’s albums or EPs.

Anyway, the only opening credits video on YouTube is un-embeddable (BOO!) so just follow the link below.

Better with You pilot scene and opening sequence on YouTube.

Sequence starts at 1:32.

Better with You theme song lyrics

I don’t know where I’d be
without someone to see this thing through
I am such a mess
even at my best
I’m better with you