The Book of Eli Theme Song

Alright, so I just watched The Book of Eli the other night, and there, for me, was an obvious theme song. Obvious because it was repeated, and it had a very repetitive—almost annoying—melody. The song I am talking about is the one played at the end credits. By the way, Mila Kunis rules.

As it turns out, the song is track number one in the official soundtrack. It is entitled “Purpose” and was composed by Atticus Ross. Actually, all songs in the soundtrack was composed by Mr. Ross as it (CD) is branded as Music by Atticus Ross.

Mr. Atticus Ross is an English musician and composer who also composed for the film The Social Network, as well as produced several of Nine Inch Nails’ albums.

Of course, not all songs in the movie itself were classical-ish, as we obviously heard modern songs like the one in the iPod scene. Below is a list of songs (modern/pop) played in the film.

  1. “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” — written by Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb and performed by Al Green
  2. “Once Upon A Time In America” —written by Ennio Morricone
  3. “Greystone Chapel” — written by Glen Sherley
  4. “Ring My Bell” — written by Frederick Knight and performed by Anita Ward

Below is the theme song I mentioned earlier. If you think otherwise, hit the comments.