Lights Out Theme Song

2011; this is for the FX series

Yes, this show has already been canceled.

Too bad. It had a good and proper theme song and opening.

The Lights Out theme song is not officially titled, nor is it part of any commercial releases. The song, as well as nearly all music cues in the series, was handled by music supervision firm Thwak, Inc. Sound & Design, or simply Thwak! Music. You can see Lights Out in their portfolio in their official site (direct link not possible because of Flash-based site). But, to be more specific, Thwak music supervisor Anthony Roman is the one officially credited for the main title theme.

Actually, you can read all about it—the theme song and Thwak’s involvement—in this article. Now that ought to get the job done.

So now let’s just enjoy and relive the theme once again.