Revenge Theme Song

revenge-theme-songThe plot of Revenge is very soap opera-like; in my country, it would be likened to that of a telenovela’s. Still, it has the great Madeline Stowe, the gorgeous Emily VanCamp, and a storyline good enough to spark interest and followers, and that want-to-know-what-happens-next style of delivery.

Forget about the opening theme though. The intro and credits reminds me very much of what Lost had—nearly nothing, just a chord that tries so hard to convey a feeling of mystery. But, don’t completely forget about the show’s music in general. There’s a theme there somewhere, and it makes itself known at the end. The end credits theme is actually good, albeit short, and people have already started looking for it.

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Scandal Theme Song


Scandal (ABC)Kerry Washington. Nice.

Truth be told, Scandal only became worthwhile during its second season. Agree? Let’s just say it became a lot more interesting. Anyway, Scandal isn’t really much of a theme song show, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good music. Besides, its chief composer is a respected musician—Chad Fischer. Who is Chad Fischer? Glad you asked. He is part of the band Lazlo Bane; their claim to fame is the theme song for Scrubs, that catchy song entitled “Superman”.

So I guess Mr. Fischer continued down the path of television music. Now working by his lonesome, he is currently credited as the composer for 12 episodes of Scandal, including the opening and closing themes.

Unfortunately, the franchise hasn’t released anything music-related, so this tune is not part of anything commercially accessible. But, thank heavens for YouTube. Below is the theme as posted by someone obsessed with opening and closing credits.

I guess that’s it for now. Will update this post when something new comes up. (Also, the plan is to post an original capture of the credits.)

Gideon’s Crossing Theme Song

Remember this one? As far as I can remember, the show was not half as bad as they treated it, too bad it only lasted a few months.

And, with this show, the theme is star. Why? Because in its 20-episode run, it was still able to win the coveted Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. It was not nominated for anything else, just this one, and it still won.

The opening song is the work of composer James Newton Howard. Mr. Howard is known for winning the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for the 2009 Batman film The Dark Knight—albeit shared with Mr. Hans Zimmer.

So I guess that’s it. The show was not even released in DVD so there goes anyone’s hopes for a soundtrack or for a commercial release of the theme. However, there’s always ‘ze YouTubes. Relive the title theme and sequence of Gideon’s Crossing below.

Scrubs Theme Song

Now we can make a detailed and finished post for Scrubs, now that it’s over.

The theme song that we have all come to love, as most probably already know, is officially entitled “Superman.” It is by Lazlo Bane, a band based in Santa Monica, California. Credited for writing the tune are the members of the band plus a certain Pondy Doorcan (person or band, I do not know). The song is part of their second studio album, All the Time in the World, released in September 2002.

It is also widely known that actor Zach Braff, who stars as John Michael “J.D.” Dorian, suggested the song to creator and producer Bill Lawrence as the theme. In line with that (and I guess the band owes it to him), Zach ended up directing the music video for “Superman.” The video shows footage from Scrubs. Watch below and notice how slow the real version is.

The song was also included in the first of three official soundtracks released by the franchise.

We all know there were some major changes in the theme and title sequence in season nine, when the show moved to ABC. The song is obviously still “Superman” but this time it is a cover version by the solo artist WAZ. I still don’t know where (album) he included this version but anyway, below is the complete version.

As for the title sequence, well, a lot of interesting things also happened in the nine-season run. Hardcore fans would know about how the chest X-ray has always been backwards, which was unintentional, but went on to signify how the interns were inexperienced. In one episode, the character Dr. Kim Briggs makes an appearance in the title sequence and says, “That’s backwards; it’s been bugging me for years.” Anyway, you can read everything about the sequence on Wikipedia.

Even cooler is how some YouTube fella combined all the unique titles in one video (you can also see the backwards skit in it). Watch below.

By the way, here’s the part of the lyrics used in the opening.

Scrubs theme song lyrics

I can’t do this all on my own
(I know, that I’m no Superman)
[No I know, I’m no Superman]
I’m no Superman

(long version)
[short version]

Finally, as all of the videos above are of poor quality, let’s end with an HD version of the classic title.

Boston Med Theme Song


So, Boston Med was a short medical documentary on ABC last year.

While I haven’t really reviewed the “tapes,” I’m sure about the information on this theme. The theme song for Boston Med, for the longest time, has been credited as “Everything”. I guess we can safely say that its official title is “Everything I Want.” It is by (written and performed) American musician Matthew Puckett.

The song came from his June 2010 release Red Flowers. I think the album is a full digital-download album. It can be bought from his site (with a small discount, iTunes, and I also found a couple of songs on The full version of the song lasts an official 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

So, who is Matthew Puckett? Well, apparently, a sought-after themes and scores composer. He wrote and performed the themes for the Starz series Gravity, and the other (and older) ABC medical documentary Hopkins.

I guess that’s it. Listen to “Everything I Want” below and check out the lyrics after.

Boston Med theme song lyrics

A thousand miles
It’s hard to hear you
Through the static
Searching for something to say

A time machine
A magic beam of light
I need a miracle
To get you back here tonight

I’ll make you laugh
With shooting stars overhead
Sharing the dreams
That wake you up when you’re sad
I’m tightly holding your hands

You’re everything that I want
I’ll never give up
Been through this before
And it can get rough
You can push me away
I can deal with the pain
I need you to know
You’re everything that I want

In your eyes
There are secrets
I want you here
So i can see them

You know me well
Better than anyone else
I trust your words
The little things that you say
They’re gonna make it okay

You’re everything that i want
I’ll never give up
Been through this before
And it can get rough
You can push me away
I can deal with the pain
Mistakes in the past
Let’s make them again
I need you to know
You’re everything that I want

Friday night
Sunday mornings
Simple days
Funny stories
I take ’em in and I adore ’em
All I need
Everything that I want

you’re everything that i want
i’ll never give up
Been through this before
And it can get rough
You can push me away
I can deal with the pain
Mistakes in the past
Let’s make them again
Cause I need your touch
I need this love
I need you to know
You’re everything that I want

Everything that I want

Mission: Impossible Theme Song

This is for the whole franchise

Just to recap—because technically there is only one Mission: Impossible theme song—let’s look at what the franchise has come up with so far.

From Wikipedia:

  1. Mission: Impossible, the original 1966-1973 television series
  2. Mission: Impossible, the 1988-1990 television series revival
  3. Mission: Impossible, the 1996 film starring Tom Cruise
  4. Mission: Impossible II, the 2000 sequel to the film
  5. Mission: Impossible III, the 2006 sequel to the film
  6. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, a forthcoming sequel announced for 2011

So, to make this post a little more exciting, we’ll try to discuss something from each. But first, something about the song.

The tune of course started life as the opening credits theme for the original television series. It has officially been called “Theme from Mission: Impossible” more so than anything else. It was composed by Lalo Schifrin, an Argentine composer who has received four Grammy Awards and six Oscar nominations, and is also known as the composer of the Dirty Harry theme, the Starsky and Hutch theme, as well as music for the Rush Hour film series.

Just to give you an idea of how legendary Mr. Schifrin and his theme song is, Lipton (the iced tea maker) created a tribute commercial in 2010 that fictionalized how he come up with the tune.

Now, on to the original series. Of course, this started it all. The theme was featured in the opening and closing credits; the opening sequence is legendary in itself—the match and fuse scene that burns from left to right as clips and the show’s stars are featured. The opening lasted 50 seconds. Luckily, this YouTuber compiled everything (opening, intro and closing) in one convenient video. See below.

The original series also gave birth to a soundtrack, but was only released in 1996 (I guess to bank on the success of the first film).

The 1988 television series revival is widely referred to as “The New Mission: Impossible.” Only actor Peter Graves (Jim Phelps) was able to reprise his role. The new series, of course, had a more modernized sequence and theme song. Below is the opening credits.

The tracks from this series, as well as the original one, can be found in an all-in-one soundtrack album called The Best Of Mission: Impossible Then And Now, which (I think) was also released in 1996.

The films

Mission: Impossible

The first film gave birth to a rockin’ soundtrack and remake of the theme by U2 members Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums).

Below is their version (with official video).

The song above peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the soundtrack (album) reached gold status.

The soundtrack also contained a remix (by the same U2 guys) entitled “Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)”. Listen below.

Because the film was scored by composer Danny Elfman, he also had a take on the theme song—featured in the opening of the movie. See below.

Mission: Impossible II

The film was scored by Hans Zimmer, and its soundtrack featured a bunch of rock songs from a bunch of rock bands. It gave birth to Limp Bizkit’s “Take a Look Around” that samples the original theme’s melody. Below is the song.

There’s also track in the Hans Zimmer score called “Mission:Impossible Theme” that lasts 39 seconds. For now I can’t get a hold of this version.

Mission: Impossible III

The second sequel did not do much for the good of the theme song. Official composer was Michael Giacchino. However, this time, the franchise did not release a song compilation album (just Giacchino score album). There is a 51-second version of the theme in the album, I guess a take by Mr. Giacchino but I also can’t find a video of it. Sorry.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The upcoming film is set to be scored once again by Michael Giacchino. Will update this once more information comes along. Movie is set to be released on December 16, 2011.

Twin Peaks Theme Song


Epic show, epic theme song.

Damn, this gives me the chills.

Alright, let’s start. Technically, and with respect to the show, the theme from Twin Peaks is officially called “Twin Peaks Theme”. It was composed by Italian-American composer Angelo Badalamenti and was released as part of the original soundtrack, which was made public on September 11, 1990. Below is the song (full version, 5:10) as it appears on the disc.

The song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1991.

However, we all know that dream pop artist Julee Cruise is associated with the theme song. Her song “Falling” is basically the lyric-ed version of the “Twin Peaks Theme”. “Falling” is still credited to Angelo Badalamenti, but the lyrics were written by David Lynch (who also happens to be one of the creators of the show). How Ms. Cruise came into the picture, we don’t know. “Falling” was released as part of Julee Cruise’s album Floating into the Night, which was released on September 8, 1989—so basically, this album came first, but I think (I know) the song was definitely written for the show.

* Apparently, Ms. Cruise also appeared in the series and in the movie (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me).

Below is “Falling”.

And the lyrics.

Twin Peaks theme song lyrics

Don’t let yourself be hurt this time
Don’t let yourself be hurt this time

Then I saw your face
Then I saw your smile

The sky is still blue
The clouds come and go
Yet something is different
Are we falling in love?

Don’t let yourself be hurt this time
Don’t let yourself be hurt this time

Then your kiss so soft
Then your touch so warm

The stars still
Shine bright
The mountains still right
Yet something is different
Are we falling in love?

Are we falling in love?

What else?

In 2007, some 17 years after the fact, a second soundtrack was released for the series—to coincide with the release of a special-edition DVD. It contains more music by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch.

Of course there is the less-than-stellar movie (inspired by the series) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (its soundtrack also contains “Twin Peaks Theme”), but maybe we’ll do a separate post for that, or rather, let’s not ruin this post with that.

And now finally, the classic opening sequence that featured the theme song.

The above was actually uploaded by CBS’ official channel—show was ABC but CBS did some distributing (I think).

Phew, that’s about it. Will update this post if I feel I skipped something.

Moonlighting Theme Song


Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Powerful.

Also, as far as theme songs are concerned, it probably does not get any better than this.

The theme from Moonlighting is probably common knowledge to many. However, it still pays to have it here in our little blog. The song is of course entitled “Moonlighting” (some credit it as “Moonlighting Theme” or “Moonlighting (Theme)”), and was performed by legendary jazz singer Al Jarreau. Mr. Jarreau also composed the song, but he did it with the help of known television and film composer Lee Holdridge.

* I just found out that Mr. Jarreau wrote the lyrics and Mr. Holdrige, the music.

As far as releases are concerned, I guess the most official would be the official soundtrack of the series. The album version of the song lasts three minutes; it also spent one week on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987.

Now for the lyrics (album version).

Moonlighting theme song lyrics

Don’t you change

Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Nothing could change you
Set and sure of the way

Charming and bright
Laughing and gay
I’m just a stranger
Love the blues and grays

There is the sun and moon
They sing their own sweet tune
Watch them when dawn is due
Sharing one space

Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Something is sweeter
When you meet along the way

So come walk by night
Come fly by day
Something is sweeter
‘Cause we met along the way

We’ll walk by night
We’ll fly by day
Moonlighting strangers
Who just met on the way
Who just met on the way
Who just met on the way

Now for some vids.

Let’s start with the album version of the song.

Then the opening sequence for seasons 1 to 3.

Then seasons 4 to 5.

There you go.

Mighty Orbots Theme Song


Go, Mighty Orbots!

Just finishing sick animation theme songs from the eighties and nineties, and this is definitely one of them.

Although short-lived—13 episodes in all—Mighty Orbots had a plot that trumps even science fiction films of today. It had a proper opening sequence and theme song—that which made kids sing, jam and memorize lyrics without them knowing it. Not much is known about the theme song unfortunately. Listed only is a certain Yuji Ono for series original music; chances are he composed the opening tune as well. As for performers—vocals and instruments—we still do not know.

Hit the comments if you have any useful information regarding this theme.

Below is the theme along with the classic opening.

Mighty Orbots theme song lyrics

Go, Mighty Orbots
They’re joining together to fight for what’s right everywhere
Mighty Orbots
Protecting the world from the shadow of evil and doom, Orbots
Champions of justice and truth
(Ohno) (Tor) (Bort) (Bo) (Boo) (Crunch)
Go, Mighty Orbots
Mechanical heroes fighting for me and for you

Hope & Faith Theme Song


Faith is the real name of of the actress who portrays Hope Shanowski. Also, Megan Fox!

Three distinct theme songs for three seasons. I do not think I have encountered anything like that in my 270+ posts here.

The only official information I have for each theme song are its composers. However, I read from somewhere that season two’s theme song is entitled “Sisters” and was performed by a certain Tina Sugandh—and Indian-born musician and actress.

Update: The second season’s theme song was indeed performed by Tina Sugandh as per her Wikipedia page.

The composers for each theme song is as follows:

  • Season 1 – Jon Gilutin & David Rice
  • Season 2 – John Swihart & Alissa Moreno
  • Season 3 – Scott Schreer

There are no known commercial releases for these songs.

Hope & Faith theme song lyrics

Season 1:

You know we don’t have to talk about it
We got our different ways
But you know in the end, we can laugh about it
Even though we can drive each other crazy
You know we don’t have to worry
We will live, we will laugh, and we love each other anyways
La, la, la, la, la, la

Season 2:

We drive each other crazy it’s true (crazy)
But I can’t imagine my life without you
Sisters, with a brand new star
Sisters, we’ve come so far
Sisters, there’s no better way to be
You and me

Season 3’s is of course a very short instrumental.

Below is a compiled video of all the themes and opening sequences.