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This is primarily for the new U.S. television series on Showtime, and partially for the British series—for which the American series is based upon.

Anyway, William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, nice.

The opening theme song for Shameless is entitled “The Luck You Got”. It is by the Detroit, Michigan-based band The High Strung. The High Strung has been around (I guess) since the 90s, but what struck me is their discography—they released 12 albums from 2000 to 2010. Talk about hard-working.

“The Luck You Got” is originally from their 2006-release Moxie Bravo.

Below is the full version of “The Luck You Got”.

Then a live version so you can put faces to the instruments.

And below, the original opening sequence of Shameless.

I believe the same song is used in the closing credits.

Below are the complete lyrics to the song.

Shameless theme song lyrics

Think of all the luck you got
Know that it’s not for naught
You were beaming once before
But it’s not like that anymore

Count all the moods you’ve known
Know they’re not stuck in stone
You were patient once before
But it’s not like that anymore

What is this down side
That you speak of
What is this feeling
You’re so sure of

Round up the friends you got
Know that they’re not for naught
You were willing once before
But it’s not like that anymore

The time that you would never trade
Is equal to the effort made
You were simple once before
But it’s not like that anymore

What is this down side
That you speak of
What is this feeling
You’re so sure of

What is this down side
That you speak of
What is this feeling
You’re so sure of

Of course we won’t leave the Easterners behind. Shameless (the original, British, Channel 4), has a narration-style opening, so the theme song is not as definitive. It’s simply background music, and was composed by Englishman Murray Gold.

Below is an opening taken from season series (yes, that’s the Brit way) two. (The show is now currently on series 8.)

I was going to post the opening narration (like I normally do) but I’m having the hardest time understanding the thick accent.


4 thoughts on “Shameless Theme Song”

  1. The opening monologue goes like this.

    Now nobody’s saying the Chatsworth Estates is the Garden of Eden. But its been a good home to us, to me Frank Gallagher and me kids. Who I’m proud of cause every single one them reminds me a little of me. They can all think for themselves which they’ve got me to thank for.

    Fiona who’s a massive help.

    Lip who’s a bit of a gob shite which is why nobody calls him Phillip anymore.

    Ian a lot like his mom, which is handy for the others because she’s disappeared into thin air.

    And Carl, we dare let him grow his hair for two reasons. One it stands on ends and looks him like Toyah, two nits love it.

    Debbie, sent by God. Total angel. You have to check your change but she’ll go miles out of her way to do you a favor.

    Plus Liam. Going to be a star. Once we’ve got the fits under control.

    Steve. Fiona’s boyfriend. The truth is out there. Not.

    Fantastic neighbors, Kevin, Veronica lend you anything, well not anything. But, all of them to man know first and foremost one the most vital necessity in this life, is they know how to throw a party h h h h hey scatter.

  2. How about a clean link for the mp3’s? It comes across kinda scammy when the link takes one to a “fulfill one of these come-ons” page. Other than this ugliness, thanks for the info on song.

  3. LOVE the US version. Thanks for all the info an work. Curious about the OK… “Series” now… Will check it out once I have have finished seasons 1-3 US. On to Facebook, as Showtime has instructed me to do.

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