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For a television series named and created after a country music legend, it only make sense that its theme song was sung by no one else. The theme song for Reba was, of course, performed by Ms. Reba McEntire, and is entitled “I’m a Survivor.” It was a single coming off of her Greatest Hits Vol.3: I’m a Survivor album, released in 2001, and was only one of three new songs included in the compilation.

The song was written by songwriters, Shelby Kennedy and Phillip White. The song is entirely about Ms. McEntire—how she is a “survivor” from when she was born prematurely, to becoming a single mom and then some.

The chorus from the TV series is slightly different from the album version, but has the same general theme.

Reba theme song lyrics (show edit)

My roots are planted in the past,
Though my life is changing fast,
Who I am is who I want to be.
A single mom, who works too hard,
Who loves her kids and never stops.
With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter.
I’m a survivor.

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