Reaper Theme Song

2007–2009; this is for the television series, as I understand there is a lesser-known movie of the same name

Alright, since I don’t have much time, I’ll just post on something non-research intensive.

Reaper is one of those shows that have 10-second intros; most probably because it existed in a time when such was all the rage (it sucks, I know). I have to say though, the 10 seconds the title sequence people were given is time well spent. The video sequence is clever, and the music is defined and catchy.

Original music is credited to David Schwartz and Charles Pollard. My best guess is that Mr. Schwartz composed the short title tune. His music is credited for 31 episodes—exact same number of episodes in the show’s run. He also has an impressive resume, namely (the themes from): Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Northern Exposure.

Now, let’s relive the canceled series with the memorable opening and theme song below.

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